3 Costly Mistakes We Made In Our MLM… And How You Can Avoid Them 

 November 17, 2019

By  Derek

When I left active duty military, I took a Job in Northern Virginia.  We had just left England with our two boys and we were looking forward to our new start outside of the military.


I liked my job and I really liked the paychecks but I was working ton of hours. I left at 6am in the morning and wasn’t getting home until 8pm at night. Sounds like a typical situation but I was also working weekends and traveling 7 days out of the month.  

The pay was great but I was missing out on raising my boys.  I missed all of my oldest boy’s soccer games, we never attended church as a family because I was always working and to make matters worse, Steph never had a moment to herself because I was never at home. 

Little things like going to the grocery store was a huge undertaking.  Here is a bonus tip for all the husbands reading this…

Find a way to let your wife go grocery shopping without the kids!!! 

Have you ever tried to stock up on groceries while having kids in tow? It’s not easy and you owe your wife a foot massage every time she takes the kids grocery shopping. 

 Don’t believe how tough it is? ...go a head...try it yourself! 

Bottom line,  do what ever it takes to give your wife a break at the grocery store...RANT OVER! 

It didn’t take long for us to realize that long hours and missing life events was not going to work for us.  

We wanted to start a home based business that could sustain our family.  Stephanie liked to sew and she was a pretty good designer. So she started making custom baby bedding selling on Etsy. 

She did well but the business was very difficult to scale. It was very labor intensive so we started looking for other opportunities.

We were already buying from a Network Marketing Company and we really liked the products. We just started talking about the products on social media and people started signing up under us.  

We were able to build a small downline and when we started making money, we thought MLMs could be the opportunity we were looking for. 

These are the 3 Mistakes that we made in or first MLM. 

About the author

Derek (Dad) is the tall, goofy guy that loves life and is a friend to everyone. He is also notorious for leaving his dirty underwear around the house, and then asks Steph why there are no clean ones.

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