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Derek (Dad) is the tall, goofy guy that loves life and is a friend to everyone. He is also notorious for leaving his dirty underwear around the house, and then asks Steph why there are no clean ones.

Sep 05

RV Surge Protector Vs EMS

By Derek | New To RVing

When purchasing any RV, you want to protect your investment. One of the best ways to do that is by making sure you are monitoring the power that is coming into your rig. A faulty pedestal, power surges, or fluctuations in amperage can wreak havoc to your home on wheels. 

 Investing in an Electrical Management System or Surge Protector is crucial to protecting your RV. But which one is right for you? In this video, Derek breaks down the differences to help you decide.

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Aug 22

Honest Review of Thousand Trails Timothy Lake South

By Derek | Campgrounds

We have stayed at many different campgrounds since starting full time RV living. Some have been better than others. 

We've stayed at campgrounds that we could visit over and over again, and we've stayed at a few we would never go to again. 

Below are our honest thoughts on Thousand Trails campground, Timothy Lake South in Pennsylvania.

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Apr 21

Podcast Episode #4: Making Money On The Road

By Derek | Uncategorized

Extra income is important while traveling full time. You never know what will happen because life is always full of surprises.  It took my wife and I a while to start thinking outside of the box.  The normal 9-5 job was not going to be an option for us because we knew that we wanted to travel the majority of the year.   

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