Can You Really Live In An RV Fulltime?

By Steph | New To RVing

Mar 03

Who on earth sells everything they own, including their beautiful (and positively charming if I say so myself) home, buys an RV and moves their 3 kids and 2 dogs in it to travel around the country?!

If you have ever thought could you live in an rv and mentioned it to anyone, their response has probably been, “No one does that.”


We are Derek and Stephanie Wright. Derek left active military in 2013 and we moved to his hometown, bought a home (it’s the cute little tudor below!), started a business, and acquired a lot of “stuff.” Too much stuff. So much that we were really feeling the weight of it and started wondering why we need all this junk!

You've Lost Your Mind!

One night in late 2016, after we had put our kids to bed, Derek says to me, “Lets just get rid of everything and move into a tiny house! Imagine the FREEDOM!” To this day, I have no idea where the thought came from other than a documentary we watched on folks turning trailers into tiny homes.

Let’s just say that my reaction was not very pleasant. I was something like, “You’re kidding, right?! We have 3 kids, 2 dogs, a beautiful house, a businesses that people depend on us, and you want to leave it all behind and move into a tiny house?! I said, "You have LOST YOUR EVER LOVING MIND!!!”  (But he does that from time to time)

I really thought it was just a joke. So we kind of teased each other about it here and there but it was NEVER A REAL POSSIBILITY…it was just a funny notion…or so I thought.

About this same time, we were really struggling with our business. Not in a financial way, but in a way that we just didn’t feel like it was where God wanted us to be anymore. We felt that we were being called in another direction.

We just had no idea what that was...yet.

A Fateful Trip

We really didn’t know what that direction was until he and I traveled from Texas to Virginia in July of 2017. We were alone without the kids and we were able to spend time talking, thinking, and praying. During this drive, the old joke about “living in a tiny house” came up again…

”How about a tiny house on WHEELS? Like an RV? We could go anywhere we wanted!, he said.”


And of course, although I thought it was a lovely idea in theory. (The freedom to live in an rv and go anywhere at any time! But...I really don't want to end up being the crazy RV family from "Christmas Vacation!"

So, I fought the idea…again. But lo and behold, as we were driving through Tennessee, we came upon an RV dealership. Derek wanted to stop, I didn’t. But…we did.

As a child, my grandparents had an old motorhome. No slides, ugly, uncomfortable furniture, no room for kids, and that is what I envisioned all RVs were. I thought that no one could actually live in an rv.

But as I walked into this dealer’s showroom…

I was seeing “houses on wheels,” not just campers. The salesman looked at me and said, “So you think you could live in an rv now?” And as Derek is giggling in the background, my answer was…”HECK YEAH!”

And I was sold…

Can We Do This?

We started researching the options on how to live in an rv, we listed our home for sale, and we began purging!

We set a goal. (Literally wrote them out on a piece of paper and stuck it to our fridge!)

Sell the house, sell the stuff, sell the cars, sell the business, buy a truck, buy an RV, and HIT THE ROAD!

And we did it!

We have been in our RV since January 26, 2018! We actually hit the road fulltime that July and we love our new “house!” Our family is loving life on the road and we want to share our adventures with you! 

We are documenting our adventures (and our complete remodel!) on our Instagram and YouTube channel  and would love to have you follow along on our adventures!

So join in and watch us make fools of ourselves as we, as newbie RV owners, navigate the U.S. in a fifth wheel with 3 kids, and 2 big dogs! We are a tad crazy…but we love each other, and we love this life.

Welcome to Freedom Calling!

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Stephanie (Mom) is the crafty one. She puts up with everyone's nonsense with a smile...and a glass of wine.