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Aug 01

How The Thousand Trails Membership Works

By Steph | Campgrounds

There are several ways that we afford full time travel in our RV with kids but one of the biggest way we keep costs low is with our Thousand Trails Camping Membership.

In this video, we review how Thousand Trails is working for us as a full time family on the road with kids. As with anything in life, it has its pros and cons...check out what we think of it and if we recommend it for others considering this lifestyle.

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Jun 29

Osmo Genius Kit For iPad Mini: Fulltime RV Living

By Steph | Fulltime Families

As a homeschooling mom,  I sometimes feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. I am not only mom. I am the teacher, nurse, cook, chauffeur, maid, and keeper of all the things. Sometimes, momma just needs a break. 

However, I don't want to really plop the kids in front of the tv. Enter...the Osmo! A mom's BEST FRIEND on a rainy day...or just any ol' day you feel like pulling your hair out!

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