Honest Review of Thousand Trails Timothy Lake South 

 August 22, 2019

By  Derek

We have stayed at many different campgrounds since starting full time RV living. Some have been better than others. 

We've stayed at campgrounds that we could visit over and over again, and we've stayed at a few we would never go to again. 

Below are our honest thoughts on Thousand Trails campground, Timothy Lake South in Pennsylvania.


Entrance to Timothy Lake in Pennsylvania


This Thousand Trails Park is located in Strausburg, PA.  The park is right in the Pocono Mountains.  

There is a bit of a climb up the hills to get into the park. The road is well kept and fully paved.  

The resort is surrounded by trees and every site offers a feeling that you are in the middle of nowhere.

In a sense, Timothy Lake is in the middle of no where.  The closet Walmart  is 28 minutes away. 

There are several State forests and recreation spots nearby outside of the campground. The Delaware Water Gap Recreational Area and Delaware State Forest are both close with miles and miles of trails, parks, and hiking. 

playground at Timothy Lake South in PA


This section will be brief because there are not many amenities. 

Other than the pool, playground, and the general store, there's not much. 

They do have a 25M pool which is well maintained.  With over 300 sites, you can image that the pool is the focal point of this park on the weekends, 

Be prepared for someone blasting obnoxious music and people bumping into you while in the pool. 

Don't get me wrong, it's a nice pool, it's just really crowded on summer weekends. 

The bathhouses are also well kept. 

I did notice that their laundry room looked to be in good working order.  There were signs indicating that all of the laundry machines were maintained by Maytag.  There was even a sign that explained if you lost any money in the machines to call the Maytag service guy. 

There are no basketball nor tennis courts at this park.  Stephanie and I recently took up Pickleball and we were a little disappointed when we arrived at Timothy Lake South to find nowhere to play Pickleball. 


pull through site at timothy lake south


Timothy Lake South offers over 300 full hook up sites. 

There are approximately 59 pull through sights that feel narrow and long. 

At first glance they feel narrow because every sight Pull Thru is surrounded by trees. 

For example we used all available space in our site but we still did not have enough room to place our outdoor rug under our awning.  


If you are a runner, you will be disappointed with the lack of running trails. 

There are no running trails at Timothy Lake South. However, there are some awesome trails about 15-30 minutes away. 


There are no breed restrictions which is typical of Thousand Trails.  Dog potty bag stations are scattered throughout the park.  

Unfortunately, there are no great places to let your dog run.  We really like when a park has a fenced area for dogs or even a big field where we could take him on a long lead. 

WiFi internet at Timothy Lake SOuth

Cell Phone Service 

Cell phone service at Timothy Lake South is not good.  

We have verizon and we only have up to two bars in some locations.  Using the hot spot was a no go but the park does have Fast Wave Internet stations throughout the park. 

We have started to scope these stations out when scouting sights because good internet is a must for our work. 

Look for the tall satellite looking dishes with blue lights.  If you don't look close these little towers could be mistaken for a TV satellite dish.  

Final Thoughts:

We like Timothy Lake South as a stopover park for a few nights. It isn't necessarily a park we would like to stay at for an extended period of time, but it's great for a week or less. 

It is very well kept and the staff was friendly and helpful. 

We will be back here when we pass through the area. 

About the author

Derek (Dad) is the tall, goofy guy that loves life and is a friend to everyone. He is also notorious for leaving his dirty underwear around the house, and then asks Steph why there are no clean ones.

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