Osmo Genius Kit For iPad Mini: Fulltime RV Living 

 June 29, 2019

By  Steph

As a homeschooling mom,  I sometimes feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. I am not only mom. I am the teacher, nurse, cook, chauffeur, maid, and keeper of all the things. Sometimes, momma just needs a break. 

However, I don't want to really plop the kids in front of the tv. Enter...the Osmo! A mom's BEST FRIEND on a rainy day...or just any ol' day you feel like pulling your hair out!


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Whether you are a homeschooling mom who needs a break, a roadschooling mom who needs a rainy day activity, or just a mom who wants to let her kids play on something educational for a change...the Osmo is it!

Can I Have My iPad Mom?!

My kids constantly ask to get on their tablets. When we made the decision several Christmases ago to get the boys iPad minis, the intention was for them to only be used as an educational tool. 

However, it didn't take long before they discovered Minecraft, YouTube Kids, Fortnite, and other crazy (and brain cell killing) games. We try to limit their time on technology but when you are traveling full time, and spend a lot of time in the truck, they do come in super handy.

So now...we have a set amount of time that they are allowed to play the "brain cell killing" games and the rest of the time is only for educational things like THE OSMO!

What Is The Osmo?!

The Osmo is an interactive, digital, yet tangible gaming system that uses the iPad, iPhone, or Fire tablet to teach your child through fun.

To play any of the Osmo games, you need a base (different bases depending on device you use), the clip on mirror, and the app for the game you want to play. 

The base holds the iPad (or other device) at the correct angle and the mirror allows the device to "see" what your child is doing on the floor or table in front of the device. 

When we bought our Osmo, we started with the "Genius Kit." for iPad (pictured above). It includes the base, mirror, Numbers, Words, and Tangram pieces. The set also includes access to the Masterpiece and Newton games which don't require any pieces. It includes everything you need to get your child started using the Osmo. 

I recommend starting with the Genius Kit instead of purchasing individual games first. The Genius Set cannot be beat! Make sure to purchase the correct kit for your device. Amazon actually has a great price on the Genius Kit for iPad right now!

The Genius Kit for Fire tablet is an Amazon exclusive and can be found HERE.

Words for Osmo

About The Games...

The following games are included with the Genius Kit...


Osmo Numbers is an underwater math adventure for your 5-9 year old. It's a great game for teaching basic math and continuing all the way through multiplication. My boys love collecting the fish and watching the bubbles pop as they match their answers to what's on the screen. 


Words uses letter tiles to create an interactive spelling game where your child can play with Osmo characters or battle it out with a friend! (You get 2 sets of letter tiles)


Tangram is like a digital version of the tangram games we used to play in elementary school. By using the colored tangram pieces, kids create all sorts of animals and objects. As they get the shapes right, the game gets harder!


Masterpiece is an awesome drawing game that even adults can get caught up in! Create drawings of items around your RV, scenes from your travels, or even a family pic to send home to Grandma! (No pieces are needed for this game)


Newton is all about physics! But since I have a hard time explaining exactly what is does... this is from Osmo's website... "Use your creative noggin and inventive objects like a hand-drawn basket, grandma’s glasses, dad’s keys, or anything around you to guide falling on-screen balls into targeted zones." (No pieces are needed for this game)

Review of the Osmo Pizza Game

Other Games We Love...

Other games can purchased separately from your starter kit and they really add a ton of variety and fun to your Osmo collection!


The coding games are Coding Awbie and Coding Jam. We have Coding Awbie and my 8 year old LOVES IT! They learn the basics of coding while helping Awbie through a mission to save the mountain!

Coding Jam is on our shopping list but we do not have it yet. They continue in the coding world to create awesome music!


By using SUPER CUTE pizza pieces and money, your kid can open and run their own pizza shop. They create pizzas to order, take money, count change, and (hopefully) make a profit on their business! CHECK THE PRICE HERE.

This is more than a game for our family! My oldest kiddo is now obsessed with making his own money and at 8 years old, is trying to devise ways to create a business and buy his own jet plane one day. This awesome little game inspired him to start his own ​business in retail arbitrage! ​


Monster is an interactive game where you go on an adventure with "Monster." He brings your drawings to life! This just might be one of my favorites...and I've been known to pull it out and play WITHOUT my kids!


Osmo teamed with Hot Wheels and created this awesome racing game. Your kids use tokens and strategy, along with quick thinking to beat their opponent. You can play the game, or play with a friend. My boys LOVE this game. *RV Life Tip: It does require the Mindracers "track" and cars. The "track" is a little bulky for RV life IF your space is limited. We found a great place for ours but that is something to keep in mind. 

Osmo Review Hot Wheels Mind Racers

More Osmo Games...

The following games are ALL on our shopping list. We love the Osmo so much that eventually, we plan on having every single one. I don't care if we have to have a dedicated Osmo cabinet...yes, it's that awesome!

Disney Osmo Drawing Game
Detective Game for Osmo


This one will be great for RV life! It teaches geography, landmarks, and cultures, all within a classic detective game! It also looks to have a pretty small footprint which is great!

Derek was a federal agent for the Air Force and he loves making our kids think critically about situations and places we go. I think he might be playing this game even more than the kids! I cannot wait to add Detective to our collection. ***If you have it...please comment below on how you like it! CLICK HERE TO CHECK PRICE.


Discover creativity through drawing and watch your creations turn to life in animated Disney stories?! Yes, please! We LOVE disney so we are super excited about these games. There is a Mickey & Friends, Princesses, and Pixar The Incredibles 2. GET ONE HERE ON AMAZON.

Preorder Osmo Little Genius

Pre-Order NOW on Amazon for guaranteed pricing!


For the last 3 years since getting our Osmo, I have wished there was something for little bitty kiddos. Preschoolers love to watch older sibling play and as much as they want to play too, the games are really more appropriate for age 5 and up. 

Now they can!!! Just for ages 3-5, the Little Genius Starter Kit is coming soon! It will be released July 24! CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER FOR GUARANTEED PRICING!

When someone asks me what the one thing I would not live without when it comes to traveling full time with kids, I always answer with, "the Osmo!" 

We love it mostly because it is super educational, they don't even realize they are learning because they are having fun, and it's mostly compact and great for full time RV living! 

Well there you have it...the ONE thing that not only saves Mom when it's been a stressful day and I need a break...but it's some thing they love to play and they are learning too!

***Note for ordering... The base must be the appropriate base for your device. There are three. One for the iPad (works with iPad mini), one for iPhone, and one for Fire Tablet.

The Genius Kit is the best way to get the best bang for your buck! Once you have a base, you can get all the other games individually. Make sure not to purchase a game that has an additional base unless you want one. 

There are several accessories that are awesome! Storage containers, cases for your pieces, etc. I highly recommend the Aenllosi Storage Case! It holds all the pieces and is great for taking them to Grandma's!

Aenllosi Storage Case

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