April 21

Podcast Episode #4: Making Money On The Road


Extra income is important while traveling full time. You never know what will happen because life is always full of surprises.  It took my wife and I a while to start thinking outside of the box.  The normal 9-5 job was not going to be an option for us because we knew that we wanted to travel the majority of the year.   


➡️ We started with a white board and we wrote ways to make money.  

As long as the idea was legal and ethical it went up on the board. We ended up with a complete whiteboard full of ideas that in theory could make a supplemental income.    

➡️We spent some time narrowing down the list and determined the best ways to make money for our family.   

➡️We found that the hardest part about creating an income outside of a 9 to 5 was the mental barrier.  

It was tough for us to get past the idea that it was even possible. We thought that only gurus, experts and rich people could travel full time without having a job.   

➡️Once we broke the mental barrier, making extra income became easy.  

We have tried many things but we think that the following 5 methods are a good ways to make money at any point in your full time RV journey.   

➡️No matter is you are thinking about going full time, started selling your stuff, just purchased your first rig, 

Already on the road or if you want to bring in some extra income while traveling.  We have found that these five things are the best ways to make money for our family.  

 ➡️I recommend that you try all of these methods and see which ones work best for you and your family.   

➡️First is making money with Retail Arbitrage.

This is simply finding retail items in stores that are on sale and then selling those items for a higher price online.  I like this method because its easy…I mean really easy. And it’s perfectly legal.   Second is...well check out the video at   

✅ . https://youtu.be/VhSTy6C_oYQ 

1:23- Retail Arbitrage   

7:15- Digital Maketing   

17:47- Blogging  

23:24 - MLM  

27:22 - Teaching Online Courses   for more info on teaching online courses check it out here: vipkidteachers.com  

My biggest fear before deciding to full time in an RV was not being able to provide for my family. 

As fathers and husbands it's our responsibility to make sure that our family is taken care of.    We tend to gravitate towards jobs/careers that are secure which is usually in direct contradiction to a "Freedom Calling" lifestyle.  It took me a long time  see the benefits of leaving a 9-5 job that kept me tied down to a particular area.   There are several ways to make money while traveling. I recommend starting with one of the 5 things that I've mentioned in this video and started making a side income before hitting the road.    This will put extra money in your pocket and it will give you time to learn the ropes before living in your RV.    Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to our channel


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