Top 5 Reasons Why Full Time RV Families Should Sell On eBay in 2019

By Derek | Fulltime Families

Mar 09

eBay is great for full time RV families. When we decided to start traveling in our RV full time, there were a lot of concerns that needed to be addressed. The biggest one though was how would we make a living while traveling full time?! For our family, eBay has been an answer to us having enough money to travel full time and not be constantly stressed over money.   


Why eBay? 

That's pretty easy to answer.  Well... for a better explanation check our 5 ways to make extra money while traveling full time in a RV video.  I've listed out my top 5 reasons why we decided to start selling on eBay and you can watch the video below. 

Reason Number One (#1): It's Easy

We had a pre-conceived notion that eBay was too hard. We thought that you needed tons of storage space to hold items while they were being sold. we also thought that everyone shopped on Amazon instead of eBay. 

Ebay makes it extremely easy to list items and it integrates seamlessly with Paypal. The app also makes it easy to search items and research to see if items are actually good items to list.

Reason Number Two (#2): New Stuff To Pick From In Every Town 

Traveling in a RV allows us to see some great towns. Did you know that almost every town has a thrift shop.  We love visiting and "picking" at new thrift shops.  It' s like a treasure hunt everywhere we go.

No One Knows You 

When we first started going into thrift shops, we thought that people were judging us for buying items and then selling them. 

The reality is ...NO ONE cares. However, when we were stationary in central Texas for three months during the winter months, we frequented a thrift shop. 

Because we frequented this particular thrift shop, we felt like the workers might be judging us. When traveling from town to town you don't have to worry about people recognizing you as a "regular."

There a few ways to make an income while traveling full time in an RV.  Check out this article to learn the five ways to make money while traveling full time.  

Reason Number Three (#3): Great Example For Our Kids  

My favorite question as an elementary school student was "when am I ever going to use this in the real world?"  

As a home schooling family We never have to worry about our kids asking us that question. We research items items before we buy which requires critical thinking.

Our kids are problem solving and using math outside of a workbook to determine if an item is worth listing on eBay.

When I was in school it seemed as though there was only one path to success in life: 

  • 1
    Go To School and Get Good Grades
  • 2
    Go To College and Get A Degree
  • 3
    Get A Corporate Job
  • 4
    Work Up The Ladder and Retire After 30-40 Years 

That model was not exactly the road that I took and I like that my kids are exposed to other options like entrepreneurship at an early age.

My eight year-old son recently opened his own eBay store and he was so excited about making his first sale.  He enjoys picking. 

Even if my kids do not grow up to be successful entrepreneurs, at least they know that its an option when they are older. 

Reason Number Four (#4): Little To No Start Up Money Needed  

As full time RV'rs we are constantly purging to make room. Let's face it, 350 Square feet of RV is not exactly "spacious." Every square inch counts.

We started our eBay selling journey with stuff that we were going to get rid of anyways. Then we used the profits to buy more stuff to sell. We have not come out of pocket at all. 

A huge benefit to selling on eBay is that you can do it without spending any money.  Unlike a MLM, you don't have to shell out hundreds to join the club.  

Reason Number Five (#5): The ROI and Money Ain't Bad  

If you decide to start an eBay store, start selling the stuff that you were going to toss or donate anyways. Then move to thrift store items. 

This post will not dive deep into our strategy but for a general rule we stick with small items that are easily shipped, that will sell quickly and that will generate at least a 100% Return On Investment (ROI).

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